Breakfast time - Malaysian style


After the call on Wednesday, things were kind of blurry. This was not helped by the clinic yesterday. Folks in Selangor got to enjoy the day off yesterday while us on the KL side had to slave it out.

Since te next three Fridays will be holidays, the clinic yesterday was enormous! We had about 140 patients and I was the only Specialist. I saw 8 new patients alone as most of them can't wait a month for the next clinic. It went on until about 3.30pm. I was really hypo at the end and stumbled around for what was left for lunch. The worst thing was towards the end, patients were really in a foul mood and made it as if it was my fault that the next few weeks are holidays. There were also a few patients who missed their clinics before and since it was a holiday in Selangor decided to turn up. These are the ones that really got me pissed.

One lady even waited for a couple of weeks, being ill at home, came to my clinic and asked for my advise. What she needed was to go atted Casualty and get themselves admitted. That what I had to ask her to do. The reason for admission was not even Haematological. It was bordering on abuse!

Anyhow, once I arrived home I decided I needed food. We went out to Great Eastern Mall. Right after dinner, exhausted I went straight back home and slept on the couch! Zzzzz!

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