Bangsar Outing

My nephew is due for admission again tomorrow for the planned op initially canceled on Wednesday. He was penciled in for the first on the list on Monday. We decided to take him out today.

Irfan and Idlan @ Fit for 2

When we sent Irfan to school last week, we noticed a Lego workshop in Bangsar Village. My nephew being an avid Lego fan was keen to attend, hence the visit today. With the father's day coming up in the next few weeks, Bangsar Village is running a father and son look-a-like contest. Anita obviously was interested, and we duly obliged.

The cosy interior of Fit for 2Lollipop for Irfan

While waiting for the Lego session to finish, we went to a cafe in Village II called 'Fit for 2". A neat chic little place, basically with emphasis on mothers and their babies. Not only that they have a decent selection of baby food, they also have activities such as yoga over there. The furniture are very neat, with a little corner for toddlers. The joint might be difficult to find if you are not familiar with Bangsar Village II. Get the lift to the top (third floor). Yes, the one with Celebrity Fitness. It is right on the opposite end, on top of MPH. Unfortunately right opposite is the Kiz Gym .... and that's where Idlan and Irfan was headed.

We finished things off with lunch at Madam Kwan.

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