Day for updates

Idlan and Irfan also updating their blogs!8th of August every year seems like a busy day for me every year. It is the date when most of my online services' subscription were up for renewal, from MobileMe to other free services etc. I also took the time to update my SmugMug site. Unfortunately I lack the Javascript skills needed - need to learn some kung foo. Will spend some time scrounging through other's SmugMug sites for ideas. The site has so much potential for update, it's sickening. I also explored some of it's hidden functionalities such as integration into facebook and tweeter.

Apart from that, I also had to run some errands, and Irfan is due for some jabs, hepatitis A I think. Brought him to Pantai to see our Paediatrician. He was surprisingly cool about it. Not a sound during the injection. We then decided to have some tea. After hearing my tales about Urbanscapes, my wife was keen to have a look at KLPAC. We had tea and pasta at the cafe on the ground floor. It was too warm to spend too much time at the Koi Park. Idlan and Irfan ran around the turfs like a madman, simulating Transformers along the way! Unfortunately, of all things, I forgotten to bring with me my camera! Boo hoo! Need to go out to buy some dinner tonight as I don't want Anita to cook. Will blog later on the last day at Pullman later tonight! Please visit my updated .mac photosite and of course my SmugMug installments.

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