Pullman Day 3 - The Return Journey

Lunch at Marriott 2, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

All good thing must come to an end. So was this short break. The boys did not wake up until about 9.30, and check-out time was 12 noon. They just cleaned their faces and brushed their teeth before running down o the breakfast hall. We did not get back until just before 11 and we had only an hour or so to pack.

On the same weekend, the Putrajaya Flower Show was also going on. We decided to head there after check-out. Unfortunately the weather was too muggy and Idlan got restless. After a quick stroll to buy some fruits to take home, we left for lunch. We stopped for buffet at nearby Marriott Putrajaya. We used to frequent here quite a lot when the boys were younger. Both of them actually took their first steps at the huge flat lobby there. I was introduced to the place back in 2004 when the Malaysian Society of Haematology Scientific Meeting was held here. I was only a couple of month with UMMC then. Anita was heavily pregnant for Idlan, but that did not stop her from coming. There was a nice Italian restaurant at the terrace and we enjoyed a dinner we had there. We vowed that a year later we will return with our child, and we did.

The huge lobby has a little pond and water feature right in the middle. The high ceiling really made the whole place cool and cozy. Idlan took his first steps there when he started to walk. About 18 months later, it was Irfan's turn. Again the nice flat lobby helped. Since then. every now and then, we would drop by for the buffet lunch. The place has been upgraded since. There used to be a series of sofa in the cafeteria. This has since been moved to make way for more seats.

The main lobby. Look at the open space ...The food was still reasonable, so was the price. During weekends, there will be live music and a clown for the kids. As you can see, Irfan was really excited to see him.....

There is also a nice little cafe on the opposite side of the lobby with nice comfortable settee. However, we were getting tired and decided to skip coffee. We finally reached home about 4.30pm.

All in all, the best thing about the Pullman was the pool and 'The Village'. The price were however rather steep, and the service should be better. 'The Village' however offer the best service, and the waiter there treated us like patrons, rather than just a local person that they can mess about with.