Non-typical Sunday

It wasn't a typical Sunday in a sense that I had meetings to attend to, followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch at an eatery that is was fast becoming my favourite, Latest Recipe at Le Meridien, KL Sentral. Following the meeting and paperwork, I had the time to bring my boys out to the park. Oh boy! Did they enjoy that. So much so that the were fast asleep in the car on the way home, and went reached home just before 6.30 pm!

I remember the park at KLCC used to be full during weekends. It was almost empty today. Maybe it was the overcast weather threatening to rain. Which ever way, it was not the first Sunday it was like this. A couple of months ago, before Ramadhan, I had the same feeling. In fact, web the parents and children I saw were mainly Indonesian. I kid you not. It seems that KLCC and the park is turning into foreign worker's land during Saturday and Sunday. I better stop here for fear of getting my site spammed by our friendly neighbours.

After the run around the park, jumping and skipping, it was time to take an early dinner. It seemed like the most convenient stop would be Chinoz by The Park. Mind you, it has been a while seen we stopped after an unsavory incident with a waiter gave us second-rate service because we were Malaysian - they prefer the Mat Salleh there of course, but what would I know. The boys had their pizza and I decided to order some Japanese. The miso the was gorgeous, although a bit expensive. Seeing my temaki, Idlan wanted to try one as well. My God, that was messy.

As I mentioned, the boys were fast asleep on the drive home. Idlan has since woken up but it wouldn't be long before he heads for the bed again while Irfan was still sleeping. I was hoping that he will sleep through to the morning. Fingers crossed!

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