Return to Colmar

The original plan last night was to go to Gohtong Jaya for a spot of strawberry picking, but the boys only woken up after 10 am this morning. I called my Mum to see if she would like to join us, but she already had some visitors at home. We had to go out just by the four of us and at the last minute we changed plan and went up Bukit Tinggi instead. We got there just in time for lunch and after a quick stroll and a trip to the toy shop, we had some pizza at the same place we went to on our last visit. The crowd was surprisingly thin for a Sunday and school holidays. There were hardly any queue and finding parking was easy. Idlan and Anita tried their luck again at the game stall to get some sift toys but clearly they lack skill … LOL! Empty-handed, we were then treated with a power cut at the whole resort. We were lucky that we had some cash on us as we were not able to use the credit card or the ATM machine.

Since we were in Colmar only last month, we felt that we should explore further. Further up the hill from Colmar, lies a few more attractions. You get to go there for free as part of the ticket you pay to get into the main ticket. From the car park at the hotel, you will be provided with transport to take you right up.

Trying her luck. Alas, no talent ... LOL!A couple of explorersRound the blockNow it was Idlan's turnThe main attraction uphill was the Japanese garden. Apart from that, there was also the Japanese restaurant, a botanical garden and a spa. Since the crowd was small, queuing up to get into the transport up the hill was quite straightforward, although the journey was quite treacherous. The drivers were driving at F1 pace, and we were squashed from side to side. Not recommended if you have a touch of the motion sickness! I don’t know how the engine could cope with the amount of rev that they did put on. The eventful journey took a good 10 min and we alighted right in front of a small cafe.

A short climb up the hill took us to the Japanese tea garden. There was a small pond, where plenty of koi strove on the food that the visitors throw to them. To main garden teahouse offer authentic Japanese tea as well as opportunity to sample Japanese outfit to pose for pictures. There was also small hut right next to the koi pond which was very relaxing in the breeze. Further down was a small spa. We did not venture much to there. The boys had a blast feeding the koi with some food we bought at the tea house. This was actually the second time that we’ve been to the garden. I still have a picture of Idlan back in 2005 when he was only 8 month old standing on one of the bench. 

After some photographs we descended down to the meeting point and took the transport back to the hotel. We decided against venturing to the botanical garden as we did not want the boys to be too tired. The quick stop for the restroom and we took our minivan down the hill towards the rabbit farm, which I will blog more on the next entry.

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