It has been a while since we frequented Marche or even The Curve itself. We did it today and I took my parents along for lunch there. My sister and her children also went along and the children really had a good time, running around all day. Wondered when they would get tired. We initially settled in for lunch at Marche. Yes, the pizza was back! One of our cousin now works there and he prepared the Margarita for the boys. I had my steak, parents had their chicken cops, etc. Puan Anita did her shopping at the Sunday market there. We then walked over to the Croc shop at IKANO, but disappointingly, the sandal I wanted was out of stock. Bought a pair for my Dad as he wanted one, and then did some groceries. The children then had another session at the playground at IKANO.

Yums!My sister, JuliaPizza lovingly prepared by our cousin, ArifAlmost done!The market today was rather quiet compared to the ones before. Maybe it was the time of the year, it was Easter Sunday after all. The place was usually buzzing during festivities, as the management really made the effort to decorate the place. Nothing much going on today.

Idlan and Irfan, running around with their cousin, NanaMore runningAnd then the carWe finally left just after 4 pm, heading to Bukit Antarabangsa to join my parents.

Back at Bukit Abtarabangsa playing with YayaI was still sleepy when I got to my parents place. I stayed up to watch more football match even though the main one ended disappointingly with Manchester United getting beat by Chelski! I could vouch that it was all down to the linesman’s myopia. How could he missed the offside on Drogba’s goal? Scandalous! My Mum prepared the evening coffee while I settled down for Formula 1. Haha! Schumacher’s engine burst! Well done! Vettel finally won a race after deserving so in the last couple. We were lucky that the race was not spoilt by the evening rain again like last year.

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