Arm twisting

Unfortunately, my feeble attempt at quarantine a couple of weekends ago did not work. I managed to pass on my virus to Puan Anita and the boys. The boys has since recovered. The same can initially be said about Puan Anita, but behind my back she sneaked to the local GP and got herself some antibiotics. She felt great in the first few days, then the cough returned, minus any fever. She also started have joint pains.

She took all the precaution about taking enough fluids. She took paracetamol when the pain got to her, and takes lozenges regularly. She lost her voice by last weekend and yet to regain it and the sore throat got worst yesterday. I told her to keep at it, but she started to get worried. Alright then, time for some intervention. She came over to the ward this afternoon, got her blood tested and cheat Xray taken. Alhamdulillah she was OK, but when it was time to return back home, she got a shock when she called our driver. The gentleman only started working a month ago and unfortunately son of one of my mum-in-law friend. She was the one brokering the deal to take him on.

He parked the car near an entrance and left, maybe to have a smoke. Obviously the car was clamped! Puan Anita called me, and I told her that she has to see the nearest security officer. Unfortunately I was doing my Day Care and can’t leave. We managed to get to the security office. The rule was very clear, we had to pay a fine to remove the clamp and since it was pretty clear it was out fault, were quite happy to fork out the fee. Puan Anita was anxious to get home for the boys. But no! Our driver argued with the security chief. How embarrassing. Anita couldn’t believe it. 10 minutes it went on, and finally she stepped, paid the fee and asked the chief to remove the clamp. She had to apologise on behalf of the driver for the drama.

I only learned about this after I reached home. I was quite upset, not because of the clamping, but his attitude of arguing with the security officer. It wasn’t very pleasant since I work at the place. At the rate the driver was going, he was clearly heading for the sack. Apparently, even my mum-in-law was not happy with him the other day - well that would not take much, as nothing really pleases her. Since she was the one employing the man, she has to sort this mess out!