Genting, here we come!

The Genting Highland Hotel - the first hotel there, before the now bigger First World was builtGohtong to Genting took us 20 minutes. I did not want to drive too fast for fear of the passengers throwing up. Even on a weekday - a Thursday with the public school open - the place was full of people. We parked at the First World Hotel - touted to be the biggest hotel in the world - we did not stay there, so I can’t comment. There was a multi-story shopping plaza there, complete with an indoor theme park, shows, casino and ‘Snow-world’ at the hotel. Hence the first order of business was lunch. They have them all - McD, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and if you feel like it, there were also mamak stalls, hotel buffet etc. There were plenty of choice when it come to food. But for Moslem, be careful and read the signs carefully. Some of the shops were non-halal.

There was also a multiplex cinema and bowling alley if you were into them. There were rows of gift shops, and this was only at one single hotel. I wonder what the other hotels were like. There was an auditorium at the plaza doing nightly shows, and sometimes concerts. There were certainly plenty of things to do there, even if you were not there for the gambling - Moslems were not allowed into the casinos. 

After lunch, I went around looking for informations about the rides. They do day passes there, but it was rather confusing since there were so many kinds of them - there were he ones for indoor rides, outdoors only and also the one that was good for the whole place. Since it was past 3 pm by the time we bought the tickets, we decided only to stay indoors. Since we did not plan the trip up properly, the boys were not really properly dressed. There were not even wearing shoes - hence Snow-World was out of the question.

We took the ferris wheel, gondolas, skytrains etc. Idlan went on the bumper cars. Unfortunately due to height restrictions, Irfan was not able to. There were also other family rides but the boys were too grumpy to go on them. It was almost 6pm by the time we left. The kids were exhausted. Puan Anita was exhausted. I was knackered. It was a grand day out however. We sure will pack up proper shoes and jackets the net time we go up there, because Idlan and Irfan wanted to have fun in the snow!

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