Happy 2011

Happy New Year everybody. Certainly the new year is the time to start everything afresh while formulating your fantasy about what you want to achieve in the coming year. For me, I wish for good health, better people to run my beloved Malaysia and of course, better public toilet.

For the first day of the year, we decided to make an early start so as not to get caught in the expected heavy traffic jam around Lembah Kelang. We set out for breakfast at The Curve as Anita wanted to do some shopping for our newly renovated bedroom. While she was doing that, I took Idlan and Irfan to the playground. The seemed to be having a blast.

They have another couple of days if holidays before going back to school. The seven weeks really flew by. Idlan however is looking forward to enter Year One in school, although he will be missing some of his good friends who have left to a different school. At least they will still meet up during Sekolah Agama.

Here is to a great 2011. Happy new year every one!

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