All was up!

Finally, I managed to upload all the photos onto my SmugMug server and linked them all onto my blog. Took me quite a while but it was finally done. I couldn't do it earlier today since I was at work. And being away for about a week had really caused a backlog. For those visiting to see the upload, please ice on the "MSH Photographs" on the top row of the page. That would take you the list of slideshows. There would be instructions there on how to download the photographs. Remember, the photos are FREE.

Next week will be a packed one with the MMed Clinical exams taking place. At least UM was not hosting any - Part I would be in UKM and Part II in HUSM Kubang Kerian. Less work but still I would have to participate on the examiner side, as well as making sure that the thesis presentation went on according to plan. I also had a "Calibration Meeting" to attend to on Sunday. So can't make any big plans for the weekend then.