Gearing Up

Another year had passed and it would be another installment of my yearly photo walk and getting to chill out with friends with a camera. Scott Kelby's Annual Photowalk was back. As usual, time to get ready with the gear, get the batteries filled up with the juice, polishing the lens and the lot.

Tomorrow, I would be bringing a couple of cameras. My XT-1 attached to the 56mm Fujinon f1.2 and the smaller Ricoh GR. That way, I would be able to cover wide angle - with the GR able to capture 28, 35 and 47 mm - and the XT-1 obviously the equivalent to 85mm in old money. Should be a great outing although the weather forecasters to be suspect. And there was the issue of the haze as well although it hasn't been too bad today.

My Fenix 2 also needed chargingThis time, we planned to congregate near Pudu Plaza by 9am and would be venturing towards Pudu Market. Should be a decent sized crowd and looking forward to great snap.

We would be spending the evening at the apartment hopefully after that, whereby could get on with post-prodiction and uploading. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

The walk last year was written up here.

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