The Haze is Back

We had been spared for quite some time. Unfortunately, the time has come. The haze is back. You could smell them in the morning air. And it was not pretty. Come afternoon, visibility outside my window has deteriorated. And things got worst at night. You could see the particles in the air under the gleam of the streetlights.

As usual, cue the news stories about forest fires in Indonesia. But this year around, the onset was pretty slow. News report started coming from East Malaysia - Sarawak had it pretty back 2 weeks back.

What I am worried about was my children in school. They had outdoor activities coming. Irfan had some eye irritation since yesterday. No cough and wheezing yet so far. Hopefully, they would do less outdoors stuff while the air quality is terrible.

What is worse is I will be on call on Malaysia Day. And with the weather like it was, I think it would be a busy one ...