At Prince Court most of the afternoon

091024.08, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

The picture above was taken yesterday when Idlan had his sketch done at AU2. I was really glad that he did not freak out when the crowd was building up.

My brother-in-law just arrived from Moscow on a business trip. Since lunch on Wednesday, he was down with diarrhoea. Unfortunately while he was there, getting medical attention was a big problem. He tried explaining to the local doctors, but unfortunately, their English was really sketchy. To make things worst, he was not keen to be admitted after hearing about the experienced his friends been through in hospitals there. He is not really keen to stay any longer than necessary in a foreign land.

He arrived in KLIA about 3 hours ago after a transit in Dubai. Even though he travelled business class, the journey had really took a toll on him. He had hardly eaten anything since the diarrhoea started and looking at him, he has easily lost 5kg. It’s good if losing weight is what you have in mind. What was ironic was he was due to be taken on a tour of Moscow before his flight. He was just keen to get the trip over and done with, so he just did the customary shot of the Red Square and Kremlin. He called me straight away when he arrived, obviously concerned. Traveller’s diarrhoea is not something to be taken lightly but he appears to be OK. What he probably need is a spot of rest and some drip. Since he is a Petronas employee, we decided to head to the shiny hospital that is the Prince Court. My initial impression, my God, this place is empty! He just gor himself checked out. They are giving him a couple of drips, then he should be able to go home on antibiotics. They are doing some panel of blood as well. He should be all right …. and I have a couple of hours to kill ….. Maybe I’ll go to KLCC for a coffee.

p/s: The blood results came back and his potassium was low from the diarrhoea and all. The doctors decided to admit him for some hydration. He needed the rest anyway, but as you can see from the pics, the place is more of a hotel than a hospital.

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