Lousy end to a productive weekend

Yes, I am going to admit it. I am disappointed by last night's result. It seems that United lacks a certain something after Ronaldo left. It will take some time to get that back. maybe a season or two. One positive point is the effort of Valencia. He clearly showed that he is more than a squad player or a token edition to the team. Berbatov is also finding his feet although his languid style of play may not be a cup of tea to everybody.
The cake cutting at the MaxFamily gathering
The weekend started with sending Idlan off to music school on Friday evening. We then had diner at KLCC. I bought a new bag to replace my old Croc number which now have a loose strap. Then I prepared for my talk at Ampang Hospital on the Saturday morning. The talk was well received I thought, although it was a pity that I did not get the chance to spend more time with the audience during the small group discussion as I was take away for an interview. I also had to escape early as I had to give Idlan a lift.
The sketch ... need a frame nowAccording to Anita, there was a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Instead she misread the invitation card. The party was on Sunday afternoon instead. We therefore had tea at the shopping mall. A place we only been for the first time, the AEON AU2. A decent place to have food as there were plenty of restaurant there. There is also a huge place to do groceries there. After tea, we walked around the place and came across a street sketch artist. Idlan had his sketch done there.
In the evening, I just had a quick rest while doing post-processing on the pics taken earlier. I went to bed quite early as I needed to do the rounds the next morning. I actually overslept and woke up at around 7.45. Managed to rush through and was in the ward by 8.45. The rounds was not that bad although there was some trouble accessing the blood results. UMMC upgraded their database over the weekend and most of the major systems were taken off line. We are talking about patients admissions, X-rays and lab results. I left the hospital just before midday and went straight to Low Yat.
I needed to buy a new headphones as the current one was already worn out. I decided to plump for the AKG earbuds. Still getting the hang of it since I am not used to earbuds. The trebles on the new phones were great but I think it lag bass punch. I wonder if that is because it did not fit snugly into my ears. I also bought a new 'Bluetooth' headset for my E71 since the batteries on the old one kept on losing its charge. By the time I reach home, it was already time to go out again. This time to attend the birthday party.
Chicky is in the house!The party was held at a branch of KFC there. The got the cakes and entertainment brought in, including the celebrated Chicky. Towards the end, we received a phone call from Anita's Mum that my brother-in-law just arrived from Moscow and has been having diarrhoea for the last five days after taking a meal there. Another couple of his friends were also down with it. He lost around 5 kg and was clearly dehydrated. I think he may need IV hydration and since he is a Petronas employee, he might as well make us of the Prince Court Medical Centre. You can read it from my PhotoBlogs that the place was really freaky. It was more of a hotel than a hospital, with carpeted floors in the rooms, designer toiletries, marbled front entrance, valet parking .... the works. He is spending his second night there for more tests but I imagine they will let him go tomorrow. Anita went to visit him during lunch today and just can't stop talking about the place. There was buffet at the main lobby, but Anita decided to go to the French restaurant instead. Awesome!
After everything settles, I went to pick up my tandoori chicken and donned my celebrated Veron top, getting ready for the big match. The evening went downhill after that ..... Oh the abuse I have to endure the whole day .....
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