At Afiq's Party in Subang Jaya

Afiq is the son our Kak Nona, Anita's cousin. The family are very fond of Idlan and Irfan and they insisted that we come. Surely we did. Even though it involved driving back to Gombak to pick them up then turning back to Subang Jaya for it.


It was raining heavily that evening and traffic was a pain. We arrived there late. Just after 8.30 but the party has not started proper yet. There were games as usual and cakes. Unfortunately no Ronald McDonald! I'm standing in protest! That was unacceptable! Hehehe!

We stayed until after 10.30 chatting but I was getting tired at the end. It has been a long day for me personally. It started with an early morning phonecall to replace Imran for the morning session of the Final MB resit exam. I then rushed straight to clinic, then Sembahyang. There were a couple of emergencies in the ward which I had to attend to after before catching a quick bite. The a ward round, a couple of referrals and a meeting with one of the Pharmaceutical Manager about an article I wrote for them recently.

That took me to 5 pm, and I have yet to visit my uncle who is being admitted for an operation this coming Monday. After meeting him briefly, I drove in the heavy rain back to Gombak and then turned back after a quick shower to the party. We spent last night at my in-laws as we all will be staying there today as Anita took her daytrip.