The weekend just passed

At section 7, Shah AlamIt is almost an unwritten rule that the subsequent weekends following Hari Raya is filled with Open Houses amongst city dwellers like me. It is also a rule that people, the Malays mainly tie the knot. The weekend passed summerised it well.

The Rawang highway stop. Very well maintainedOn Saturday, the whole troop converged on Ipoh to celebrate the wedding of one of our best friend's sister, Itul. As usual, we were worried that the boys may become restless. Well, they did, but I thought it was going to be worst. The wedding itself was pure class. It was a full Perak affair. There was live band of course. Food was nice. No complains really. We wished that the boys were not as cranky so that we can spend some extra time with the the friends. Itul is only back for a couple of weeks. She just started a new post in Yorkshire. Maybe she has some free time this week for us to visit. Syahril is planning an open house for friends this coming weekend as well. Maybe we can spend some more time then.

On Sunday, we attended a few more open houses hosted by Anita's cousins. The problem that day was finding the address. One was in Rawang, right in the middle of nowhere. The other one was in Shah Alam, but getting there was rather confusing. We made it there alright but it was pretty tiring. Once the boys met up with their cousins, they were very happy and did not want to go home.

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