Idlan enjoying the playground

I was on call yesterday and did not have the time to spend with the boys. In fact they were already fast asleep by the time I reach home and were out by the time they were up this morning. They were pestering Anita about where I was and made her promise to take them out after I get back from work. Worst still, they insisted on going out to Marche at The Curve.

We reached Marche just before 7 and I was starving by then. The boys obviously had their appetisers in the form of ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles, followed by 15 minutes of hyper-ness in the playground when they bulldoze through everything. This is the time when we took turn to order our food. By the time they mellowed down, it's feeding time for them. Unfortunately, the pizza owen was being renovated, so no pizza for the coming few weeks. They had to settle for some sausages an vegetables.

They then hit the playground again. I had to reach home early since I have some presentation to prepare for tomorrow and some corrections on a paper I need to go through. We finally reached home at around 9.30 and frankly I was really tired. I have just finished my slides and it is time to hit the sack. I need to go to HUKM tomorrow morning before whizzing back to UM by lunch for the CME.