Planning to spend some quality time

We could have done the manager some service by reducing the amount of palpitations he is suffering - by the way, Sir Alex has a pacemaker implanted for fast heart rate. Instead we like to do it the old-school way, only securing the three points a couple of minutes from the death courtesy of Rooney. Unfortunately I did not catch a glimpse of the game since I did not wake up despite my alarm going off. Too tired I guess. I'm still waiting to catch up with some of the goals. Unfortunately the YouTube videos featuring the goals have been taken down.

As for today, I have to do a few chores, but with Anita instead of alone. We have decided to leave the kids at home with the mother-in-law and the maids. Planning to send some quality time, maybe catch a movie and lunch after things done. Wouldn't mind heading to IKEA as well to get some furniture. Looking forward to that.

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