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It was a long day for me today since I had to get to UKM very early. I was involved in the Masters of Medicine Examinations held over there. I arrived there late due to traffic. After briefings and preparation, we were ready to kick off with the exams proper.

We were lucky this time around since we at UM were not hosting for this diet. The part II were held in UKM. The part Is boys and girls were not so lucky. They had to make their way to Kubang Kerian for their clinicals. Some of my colleagues also flew off earlier in the week to examine there. It was the first time such arrangements were made. Previously USM hold their own clinical examinations for their candidates with the examiners coming from KL. The candidates from both UKM and UM will alternate between the two venues, often one centre doing part I and part II at the other. We were yet to find out whether the new arrangement is better or not. A meeting will be held later to discuss that.

It looks like the Masters program will be going through a period of transition in the near future. We are taking steps to change the marking system for the MCQ. No longer are they marked true or false with negative marking system. We are transitioning into the best of five answers, streamlining with the MRCP. Unfortunately, to get there will involve replacing much of the questions from our bank. That's going to be hard work.

Another change would be the inclusions of other parties into the fold. It looks like UiTM are interested in building up a post-graduate program similar to the Masters, and will be affiliated into the conjoint board once the plans are up. Maybe UPM will also follow suit, but I am yet to hear anything of that as yet.

After finishing my examinations, I rushed back to PPUM to quickly make sure that the final years have submitted their bounded thesis. All except one did it. I just hope that the last one do prior to the Board Meeting at 10 am tomorrow.

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