Back to Bangsar Village after Anita left her handphone earlier

After all the hassle of traveling to Klang and back for my teaching, Anita called to say that when she went to shop earlier in the day, she left her handphone at the store. Luckily it was hidden in the changing room and the keeper was able to find it and kept it for her. We went over later in the afternoon to pick it up. Since we were out, we decided to have dinner outside, and headed for Alexis at Bangsar Shopping Center.

The branch at BSC is smaller compared to the ones at The Garden and Great Eastern Mall. I ordered the rocket salad and to my surprise, the portion was bigger than expected. Unfortunately, they put a bit too many splashes of balsam. I also ordered the burger, little that I realise that it comes with blue cottage cheese. A touch too strong for me. I should've ordered with just regular cheese. After the exploits I must say I am rather tired and in need of a good night sleep.

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