Muzium Tentera Darat, Port Dickson

Every time we pass by the camp area on the way to our apartment, we wonder what is there at the muzeum. Idlan always shouted about the big plane at the entrance. And the tanks there as well.

Since it was still early and we had already had our lunch, we decided to stop by. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Keeping up to the army tradition, everything was neat, clean and in order. Since it was very sunny outside, we did not explore much. There is an exhibit about the role of the Armed Forces prior and after Merdeka. There was also a tunnel exhibit on the cruelty of the Japanese Soldiers during the World War. Some details about the Communist activities. 

Outside there is a monument area with names of all the soldiers killed in line of duty since Merdeka. The last names were from 2005. Maybe I did not venture to much. Is it safe to assume that there has been no casualties for the past 4 years? A highly recommended visit should you are interested. The museum is opened from Wednesdays to Sundays every week. And it did not cost me a sen to get in.

The place has so much potential, but I think if the Armed Forces make a bit more effort, it can be more of a success. Take the picture above for example. Rather than leaving the exhibit to rot into a derelict in the carpark, it could've been modified and reconditioned into a stall, selling ice-cream for example. It certainly was warm out there earlier in the afternoon. Another gripe was the maintenance. Bearing in mind that my father-in-law is a retired Army General, my mother-in-law was appalled to find that the toilet was left unattended. It won't flush and the sink was clogged. She was furious. I think somebody need to look into that.

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