Getting my priorities right - first, clean the car

I haven't been updating my blog for the last couple of days. I have been on vacation with the family. We went up Fraser's Hill on Sunday and we just arrived home a couple if hours ago. First things first, the car needs cleaning. Unfortunately it has been raining outside. It has stopped since.

We stayed at the Smokehouse Hotel there. It's a mock Tudor English house which was built in 1937. It has since been converted into a hotel. It serves authentic English food, which was half the attraction. All in all I was very happy there. Anita insisted that I leave my MacBook behind. Phone connection was rather hit and miss although the hotel have got free wifi at the louge.

I was uploading the photos onto my computer earlier. I counted about 450 pics in total. Was too lazy to edit yet. Maybe I'll leave it until tomorrow. Rather tired with allthe drivig and the prospect of having to return to work tomorrow. I might blog more later if I can muster it. Oops! The car is ready!

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