Afternoon stop

Just finished my Jumaat prayers, so I thought I grab a quick bite before the afternoon chores. Got a couple of families I need to talk too, then off for some paperwork. Blogging certainly not as taxing as it was back in 1997 when I maintained my first website during the time I was UK UMNO Youth Chief .... I should have stayed in politics, likely I will make more money than just being a measly Haematologist. Back then, updating anything on the website took ages, due to combination of unintuitive interfaces and slow internet connection.

Nowaways, updating blogs can be done on the fly. For this blog, I use a client built into the website I learned about it from listening to Leo Laporte's This Week in Tech podcast, getting a 10% discount I thought I might just as well utilise the 14 days free trial. I got hooked since. The interface is neat and I am sure anyone can afford the reasonable price structure - No, I am not being paid for this advert. I then took a step further and bought myself this domain name through If you are serious about blogging, find a decent tool, get yourself a decent domain and off you go!

Since uploading my update last night I have received request for more tips. I will try my best for later tonight. So talk to you again then.