Housekeeping ... Mousekeeping

Been surfing for half an hour or so in bed this morning before getting up ... trust me, there is nothing better than surfing in bed. I read through the number of hits I am getting for the last week. There were not bad considering how new I am with this client. Getting close to 200 hits per day. Many of the referrals seems to be from fellow bloggers. I spotted a pattern here, the best was to get hits is if you have a direct link from your fellow's page. What I need to do next is to set up a quick link section on my page. But first thing's first, need to figure out how it works on my system. A quicklink staring at them right on the blog page works better I think than having to be transferred to a new page full of link.

So, task for today, maybe tonight after I reach Penang would be to sort out a quicklink section on my page. I have also figured out that I can post an entry straight in through email via my E71. Maybe that's what I will try on the road. So watch this space