Tax Return Due in 10 Days Boys and Girls

Well it is the time of the year again. Time to brush up on your clicking skills doing e-filing or to find out where your nearest Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri branch to your place. Deadline being next Thursday week, we have about 10 more days to do so. At least the deadline has a built in Hari Buruh holiday bundled together the next day. Just in case you need to burn the midnight oil, or to cool down after a quarrel with the spouse .... it can be a tense affair. As for me, I have filed mine in last week, and I did it 'old school', submitting them my local branch in Wangsa Maju.

The American had their deadline last week, on the 15th to be precise. Even my friend Barack and Michele filed theirs in - I'm sure with their accountants lining up to offer their service. And the details are available on the Net. Maybe our politicians will follow suit and make their returns accessible as well. But I'll leave that for other bloggers to comment. The numbers show that the Obamas pay nearly a million in total tax, with their income topping 2.5 mil. And this is before he became President. Mind you, he is also an author, and that's where the main bulk of the income come from.

Closer to home, I found this piece from a fellow blogger which I thought is well worth a read. He highlighted 13 tips for us to cut on our returns. It's too late for me but some of the pointers I have already followed. Amongst them, to file separately rather than join - the Obamas filed in a joint return, buy property below 250K etc - thanks Champdog.

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