Happy Earth Day!

IKANO Power Center last Sunday afternoon

Today is April the 22nd. To the Communist, it is the birthday of Lenin. Since 1970, April 22nd is celebrated worldwide as Earth Day. Today marks its 40th installment. It has never ben traditionally celebrated in Malaysia although especially in the US, it usually coincide with nice spring weather and the beginning of summer. Many street parties were organised and some say it finds it's root from the 'Flower Power' days .... Peace man!

Looking through the net, it was initially championed by the appropriately named Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin. Part of his thinking to save the world is to promote zero population growth. He is certain that the main root of the pollution and other effect to the environment is brought upon by the exponential growth of human population, a compelling argument.

More to the local scene, the Earth Hour certainly was still talked about. I was in IKANO last weekend and there was a small fare going on all week to promote Earth Day, but unfortunately the bulk of the program was conducted in Mandarin. I was looking around to see whether a similar KL Freeze thing is being organised again this year. I thought it was fun. Check out this YouTube video below.

There were confusion however on the actual date. The United Nations for some reason celebrate Earth Day on 21st March, on the Equinox. That's probably why the Government and other more mainstream organisation hold it then. What matters though is the spirit. Hmmm! What should I do later today? For a start I wish you all a Happy Earth Day!