What's in the Name?

It has again been a long day. It may be a cause for a lot of anxiety for some, but a source of relief for others. Had another session examining short case earlier this afternoon. Saw some familiar faces. As I mentioned last night, I shall refrain from saying anything about the outcome of the exam until the results are out. 

Most of you will be traveling home for the weekend. I want to share with you a couple of stories. The first is concerning my brother-in-law's friend. He has just returned from overseas after completing his medical degree and waiting for his postings with Kementerian. One day, at a traffic light while he was on his motorcycle, a lorry came from behind and hit him. He died instantly. He never get to practice medicine.

The second is about my granduncle's son (my Dad's cousin). My granduncle was a great Paediatrician. When he left government service, he was the Deputy Director General of Health. He recently passed away in 2006 well in his eighties. Amongst his daughters and sons, none of them took up Medicine. None from his nieces and nephews followed suit as well. I was to be the first. In 1969, his brilliant youngest son was offered the Colombo scholarship to read Medicine in Canada. It was a great joy for him and the family. Unfortunately two weeks out, he died of an accident while in his father's car. His name was Fadzil.

I was the first grandchild, and was born a few years after Fadzil passed on. When deliberating what name to register me by, my granduncle wanted me to be named Fadzil. He says that one day I will become a Doctor like him. My father however was wary of the fate befallen Fadzil, an decided to name me slightly differently. My family calls me Fadzil, but most of you know me as Haris.

The morale is, drive carefully on your way back to your kampung. A lot of people are banking on you to be the pride of the family. It is one thing to disappoint people, but imagine if something were to happen to you just due to your recklessness. As the TV advert says .... 'Anda Mampu Mengubahnya!' Drive safely, and see you next Tuesday.

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