The Trip Down to MRSM Terendak #2

I know I won't get lost with Toad reading the GPS

I left at around 3.30 and decided to take the route via Port Dickson. I thought it would be a nice drive. The drive up to PD was great, but I should have just taken the highway via Seremban rather than up through Morib, Banting and Kelang. I only arrived in KL at 8pm because of the detour.

Inside Kedai Kopi Pak LangAfter a quick goodbyes, I headed back to Lubok China, taking the federal route 5. I arrived in PD before 5 and stopped for tea. I had Asam Laksa and tea at Kedai Kopi Paklang, right i the middle of PD town. Been meaning to give it a visit after going there a couple of years ago. The Asam Laksa and roti bakar was good. The building is also quite nice, as even though it serves Malay food, the interior is Chinese influenced in the Baba/Nyonya style. It also have a traveller's theme, with clocks on the wall indicating time at the big cities around the globe.

Entrance to Kedai Kopi Pak Lang in Port DicksonI then set off towards Morib. On the way there I drove across a sign for Bakaugruv. It is now a motivational camp and resort near Tanjung Sepat, Morib. When I was in Form 4, I was invited to attend the camp for a week. All the top students from MRSM went for a stint there. We were thought study skills. What I remembered most about the place was the food. It was delicious, and with every meal, we have to take a portion of tempe, a Javanese food made from soybean. It is full of protein and supposed to be good for the brain. I just gobbled them up. It's free food!

I got to Banting before Maghrib, and drove on towards Klang. I then joined the KESAS highway. Caught in the rain near Kinrara but safely home in time for dinner. In retrospect, it has been a tiring day and I should have joined the highway off PD rather than driving on. There was nothing much to see and I didn't have the time to stop to look. Maybe next time when the light is better and I am not too tired.

Rock on my cuddly little friend!

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