And The Topic for Today ......... ITP

As I mentioned last night, was rather tired. Crunch some more data this morning before the ward round, after having a look at my RSS feed. Quick browse into the topic in NEJM this morning. 2 main topics, brown adipose tissue and esomeprazole in asthma. No time to read yet.

My friend Jimbo is back in Malaysia after a good week and a half in Austria. Welcome back!

Argh! Fungus! No! - Bad fungus!After the typically long grand round and day care, I listened to Iqbal talking about ITP and then to Bee explaining flow cytometry. Heavy stuff! Then back to counseling patient and home.

Good Fungus!

Idlan is enjoying his term break and is quite keen to go out. We decided to go to Jaya Jusco for a bit of shopping, then dinner. But the main issue for the day is the new Cabinet announced this afternoon. I commented on it on a separate page. In fact the blogs were buzzing, the forums even more exciting. All the TV channels were commenting on the happenings today. Back from NZ, feeling sleepy, but so much to catch up on the blogs and also from the journals. Time to hit the sheets!