Pasar Malam and Me

The Pasar Malam in Kepala Batas, every Saturday Night in the the middle of the town centreI remember since I wan a child growing up in Kepala Batas that weekends mean 'Pasar Malam' or night market. In my kampung, the market is on every Saturday night. Often on Saturday afternoon, I go out to play football in the late afternoon, then rush back for a quick shower, then off we went for Maghrib prayers.

Malaysian delicacy the satay. It cost much cheaper here than in KL, and it tastes better as well.This pics shows my Pak Teh looking at some cakes. I don't think he bought any.

Straight after it is time for pasar malam. It usually jam-packed. Me and my friends will start off for some some food, usually the famous 'laksa buying', with plenty of 'otak udang' - shrimp paste. Then some sugarcane juice and then the walk-about. It is a big thrill if you were to bump into your classmates - that surely will be the topic of conversation when we return to school on Monday.

My Mum saying hi to an old acquaintance. Kepala Batas is still small enough that every one still know each other.Despite the sticky humid weather walking around was a lot of fun. There will be colourful traditional remedy seller (penjual ubat) whose herbs can cure all diseases, from toothache to diabetes to cancer, all in a single concoction. Now, I should have listened closely or better still, steal his secret recipe. Then I wouldn't have to use chemotherapy to treat my leukaemic patients, would I?

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