Under the weather

Been feeling under the weather for the last couple of days, hence absence from the web. My wife said it was 'Demam Man United' after our beloved United clinched another Premiership title the other day. I tried to brave myself by going out to see my friends playing badminton but no can do, felt back again right after.

I can assure everyone however that it was no H1N1. The conformed cases in Malaysia sure looked to be discharged in the next day or so. So, thank God, no death here. Imagine the panic if there is so! Just earlier today, I saw a lady on the car next to me at the traffic light actually was wearing a mask while driving. She noticed that I peeked around. It was worst then when my son Irfan started pointing and laughing at her. Luckily the light switched soon after and she took a turn! Phew!

The pics above was of my friend after the badminton game having a drink. I had some mee ladna of course!

090518 After Badminton

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