Lovely T Shirt

Lovely T Shirt, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman. Those who attended MRSM will definitely understand the last line on the T-shirt.

Yes, it's Monday. After a hectic weekend with the birthdays and all, I settle for a spot of badminton. I plan to spent the rest of the week cooked up with my planned proposal because the feedback I got from Melbourne was not very encouraging. More alterations and all.

090525 Post Badminton Makan (by Haris Abdul Rahman)

As for the T-shirt, I thought i was a classic one. Only those who attended MRSM would understand what was written. The last line is the first line of the song all of us were forced to sing. The line really stuck in our head.

Lanyau in Contemplation (by Haris Abdul Rahman)

The session last night was rather different because one of my senior, Razali (Dato' Razali to all you peasants), the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister turned up as well. He was suppose to have a camera crew with him, but because he came late they had to reschedule. Usually around 12 people turn up for the session. Instead more than 30 came. I wonder what the attraction was. The funny thing was some of them I don't even know, and all they did was grinning while Razali was there. Typical I thought!

090525 Ex-Terendak Badminton (by Haris Abdul Rahman)

He was surprisingly fit because we thought he would've given up after a couple of games. The last time he came was a couple of months prior to the UMNO Youth election. Now that he is a Deputy Minister, I can imagine that his time will be more limited. However kudos for at least trying to spend some time with his old buddies. And yes, we still call him Razali!

090525 Ex-Terendak Badminton (by Haris Abdul Rahman)

We spoke about my time in UMNO before and how I can't continue now with my work commitment. He can't stay after the games for teh tarik as he has an engagement this morning. We were back to NZ this time around but the mee ladna was not as nice. I have to have a word with the cook then!

090525 Ex-Terendak Badminton (by Haris Abdul Rahman)

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