Have I gone to the Dark Side?

I spend the whole of yesterday trying to install XP on my MacBook Pro, finally succeeding by using Sun's VirtualBox. It worked a treat. No data loss and was able to get SPSS installed on it. Since I have gone that far, I decided to try Windows 7. First of all, I need to download the 2.4 GB data for the install disc. It failed to do so from my Streamyx. It kept being disconnected. The maximum speed for download was only 1Mb/s. It will take 6 hours to download the whole stuff while praying that the connection doesn't stall.

Check out the speed of the download. About 2 and half times faster than good old Streamyx. I turned the E71 into a base station connected to Celcom Broadband, and just use wifi connection to download.

Microsoft also did not help matters by insisting that we use a Javascript-based download manager to get the stuff downloaded through, and the script for obvious reasons were disabled on Safari. Luckily Firefox worked OK. I decided to use my E71 as a modem instead and haul down the data. It stalled when I try to download it straight from Microsoft's website. I searched the net and stumbled upon this. What I did was acquire a product key from Microsoft and download the program from this site with the help of Speed Download.

After another 30 minutes of installation and updating, everything was up and running. I'll let you know how everything works up.

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