DUKE the time saver.

After being off work for nearly 2 months, there have been a major development around where I live. The DUKE (Duta Ulu Kelang Expressway) was opened.

It links the Ulu Kelang area straight to Jalan Duta and most importantly the PLUS Highway. Taking the entrance from Seri Gombak/Batu Cave interchange which is 5 minutes away from home, it takes me only around 12 minutes to reach Jalan Duta. I then take Jalan Semantan and the Semantan entrance straight into UM. All done within half an hour. Minimal jam.

This contrasts to my usual route. For the last couple of years, I leave home at around 6.40, and if I am lucky, I will reach the Faculty by 7.20. Lately, traffic has been worsening. I really need to rush out around 6.30, and there is no guarantee I will be able to make it before 7.30. I routinely get out of bed around 5.45. Rush through, no breakfast.

Take this morning for instance. After Subuh, I had a lay in until around 7.10. Get my boys out of bed. A quick shower, back down by 7.30, some toast and coffee. Then leave the house at 7.45 and I was already in my room at the Faculty by 8.15. I am not sure about you, I find this arrangement to be much better. I will then be in the ward by 8.30.

I am still trying out different routes to get home. The one I took yesterday was again via DUKE, driving towards Mont Kiara, coming out at Seri Gombak. Home within 40 minutes despite heavy traffic.