UMMC Medical Department Badminton Tournament 2009

After a much-hyped preparation, the Lecturers finally had the chance to teach the Medical Officers more lessons. This time on the badminton court. Starting at 4pm, each fielded men singles, men, ladies and mixed doubles.

YK Pang and me. Average height 5'5".Hiew and Harre. Average height 5'10".Harre and Hiew playing against LP Tan and YB Chong.Line judges making sure all the line calls goes unchallenged.

PC Bee put it succinctly when he said, "Apa ni? No resistance lah!" The lecturers won all the games but one. And that was clearly because YB Chong was still in his working attire and bare-foot when he took on his opponents! Have to apologise also that the pics did not come out very clearly due to high ISO. It may also have to do with the fact that SH Ho was the one behind the camera.

Shuttles were of course of international standard. Ask YK Pang.Yip Boon's time-wasting tactic of asking for time to tie up his shoe laces backfired big time! That's why he lost!

The event was made possible by Iqbal and his band or organiser. I think we should make it into an annual event, and even invite the more senior member of staffs to participate. Maybe they were to form a separate team. We had fun in the end, although I would have wished more of the Medical Officers participated as there were so many of them around.

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