Just a typical Wednesday

The S E is rather suspicious ... is it special edition or ... semalam?

A rather long day today, and it started quite badly. Enough to set me in a bad mood. I left my E71 at home. Luckily Irfan is going for his class today in Bangsar, so we got somebody to send over the phone to me. For the last 3 months, UMMC has given up the ghost on using beepers. We use personal handphone, but the major drawback to that is loss of privacy. Anybody can contact you if they get hold of your number and unless you are using a dedicated line for the hospital, you can't really switch the mobile off at night.

The other issue is the fact that if the hospital contacts you and you missed the call, you wont have a clue of who was it that tried to call you. The number on the phone screen is the switchboard's. A pain if you are on call because the nurses are not exactly on a habit of leaving messages.

During lunch, I left my stet

s at the cafe. I returned about 10 minutes later and it was gone. It was 5 years old however, and probably need upgrading. However to my surprise, the stets turned up at my ward. It happened that one of my Medical Officer eating at the next table picked it up and helped out her senile boss! Saved myself RM500 that! I'll buy her coffee tomorrow.

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