Trip to the Padiatricians

This dog is hot!, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Yes! Idlan developed a temperature and everybody at home turned into instant diagnostician! He has H1N1!

I said no, but unfortunately I was the only one who thought so at the house. Not the seven others, and that's not including the servants! He developed the temperature in the middle of the night and my mother-in-law insisted on me driving him to the Casualty. I just pretended I did not hear her, and finally when I decided to speak, I said if we rush him to Casualty we may give him H1N1. She was not impressed obviously.

Before seeing the doctorDespite the temperature, he was jumping up and down wrestling with his brother and playing on his Wii. After some paracetamol, he got better. The next morning he was fine but come the afternoon, the temperature returned. Alright then. Asked my colleague to cover me for the afternoon and took him to Pantai to see their Dr Azam. They are really fond of this former colleague of mine, and does not mind being prodded and poked, as long as it was by Dr Azam.

There was high temperature, but no sign of serious infection. We put him on antibiotics, and before long he was back to his old trick. Back home, my wife was on the internet all night, reading all sorts of ridiculous stories about H1N1. How it is signaling the end of the world etc etc.

My mother-in-law said should he develop another bout of temperature, we should go for second opinion, preferably to a GP that she swears by in Kampong Baru. Allegedly, he once saved her life by a timely intervention of giving her Paracetamol just at the right time .... Huzzah! I am a decent doctor, but I have not yet acquired the skill to cure multiple ailment with paracetamol. Maybe an extra few years in Hogwarts should sort that one out.

Soon after that, the waiting area got thrashed .... hehehe .... Run!Even Idlan's teacher called asking why he missed his kindergarten class. We explained to her that he has fever. We were asked to bring a doctor's letter, which I thought was plainly insulting. Well! The world has gone gaga with this pandemic and we are yet to face the second wave.

Finally, after everything settled down, I managed to settle one final crave before tomorrow's Ramadhan. Yes! I need some KFC, and I want it now! Sorted that one out in double quick time. Have to return to Pantai later today though, as I needed to pick up the doctor's letter. Or maybe I should just forge it! The teacher said a letter from a doctor, not which particular doctor .......

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