Weekend in Putrajaya - Day 1

Unfortunately, due to the student exams and SIRIM audit in UMMC, my planned holidays were canceled. Instead, Anita booked a weekend getaway for us and her parents. After much deliberation, she decided on Pullman Putrajaya, a place we visited sometime in April.

Irfan redecorating the tableThe ceiling deco at b bistroIt is a brand new hotel, and as I can see during the stay, part of it were not yet opened. We stayed at one of the executive floors, but for the price we paid, I think the pricing was very steep. This was compensated however by the nice swimming pool and a sometime surprisingly resourceful staff. The room we stayed was advertised to have a lounge area, but it was essentially was a square room, with a settee and table as a study, plus a rather small toilet. There was no separation between the bed and the lounge. Worst still, the study table was smack in front of the TV.

Being a Friday, I can't escape from clinic especially with my Boss away in Beijing. Anita and the rest checked in first at around 2, and I only traveled after work. Traffic was rather tight and I only arrive there at around 8, starving of course. As soon as I reach there, we went for dinner at the 'b bistro'. There was a buffet, but the selection was forgettable. I ordered some salad and pasta - the healthy choice. The deco at the bistro was rather chic, with themed colour scheme - red and white - and tasteful cutlery. The ceiling decoration was also quite unique.

Daddy settling into some pasta.... and some starfruit juiceAs both Idlan and Irfan have already hit the pool earlier in the day, they were understandably tired. We settled in right after dinner.