Raya Shopping Time

090906 - The Curve 1, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Yes, it's something I had to do. Even though most of the clothes and other things has already been sorted, we had to shop for some shoes among other things. My wife also have some book to order, so we headed for The Curve in Damansara. Since we did not sleep after sahur, W fed the boys early and was out of the house by 10.

The decor at IKANO Power CenterAt The Curve, the shops were just being opened. At the center of the main foyer, there are stalls being erected selling mainly clothes and accessories. There is also a stage presumably for fashion shows later. After picking up a few things we then stumbled across a pet shop at IKANO. We wanted to get some food for Peter and Jane, but turned out expanding the collection. We came across some hermit crab similar to the original Peter that we found in PD the other day. We picked it up plus a couple others.

Cupcake anyone?We reached home at lunchtime and the boys are already hungry. My mother-in-law asked if we were able to take her to Great Eastern Mall as she wanted to buy some tableware. No problem.

After lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop, we went to get some clothes for Julia's daughter, Nana. It's her birthday tomorrow. We also got some toys for the boys. Rather than heading straight back home, we stopped over at the Pasar Ramadhan at Ukay Perdana and Melawati. I finally made it home at 5.30. It's 8.30 now after dinner. I am just too tired to go for Terawikh. I'll pray at home instead.

The pets are all fed, the boys are already calling to put them to bed. Have to log off.

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