Should Have Concentrated More

Exhibit A - Dented the area above the wheel guard and the door also needed some work. Mud guard needed changing as well!As it goes, I am quite a decent driver. And my specialty is parking in tight areas. I don't do fast driving though. So, if you are in the middle of coronary or are in labour, forget about me being behind the wheel to get you to hospital fast. But once you reach there, I can come in handy when you need the car parked. Well, that myth, at least to Puan Anita disappeared yesterday after a kissing incident I had with a giant concrete pole - not my fault, it was the fault of the pole for being there in the first place.

Exhibit B - At the entrance. Pick-up tickets, sharp bend to the left ..... errr! Can I sue Bangsar Village?After picking up the parking ticket, the entrance to the car park at Bangsar Village II swerve hard to the left. I was behind the wheel of the CRV and accidentally clipped the back end, near the rear wheel onto the pole. An almighty snap, and the estimate at the bodywork shop was RM1600! Can't claim from insurance as well as it was clearly my fault! Well ..... should have concentrated more I guess!

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