Back to Kuala Lumpur now

Hey! What's so funny?We finally made our way back to Kuala Lumpur at around 11.30. Initially we wanted to wait for the laksa shops to open, but the boys were getting restless. They have to go to school tomorrow anyhow. Would be better of making an early start. We stopped for food in Tapah, had lunch there, and I as usually got a supply of pau and jambu batu. We reached Kuala Lumpur by 3.30, picked up the maids and returned to our house at Taman Cemerlang.

Idlan running down the hallwaySince it was kind of early, Anita wanted to go out to KLCC to get her eyeglasses fixed. The day before, Irfan accidentally stepped on them and it was kinda crooked. A quick visit to the shops and things were fixed. We then went on to have dinner at Chinoz. However I was disappointed with the dinner tonight. I ordered the wrong stuff.

My ultra-dry chicken pie!The salad was good as usual. For the mains, I asked for chicken pie. Little that I realised, there were no gravy or cream as when I imagined from my usual order.The boys enjoyed their pizza which was the main thing. I was starving when I went home, and ended up having some noodles! Note to self - ask the waitress to describe a new dish should you about to try one .... Tired now. Time for bed!

I also just uploaded the slide for the Kuala Kangsar trip here.

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