Slideshow and video from Bird Park stroll

The last time I visited the Bird Park was in January 09, exactly a year ago. I remember coming here with my two boys with Idlan freaking out after being chased by a couple of peacocks. The owl was a big hit for them. For fear of an asthma attack, Puan Anita wouldn't let me take them near the lover's bird cage.

For the past year, there have been a few improvements. The giftshop ladies were more friendly for a start. There was also a new koi pond and a fountain being built with benches which I can imagine being nice to sit on while reading a book. The weather was pretty nice when I got there. I paid my RM15 entrance fee and started shooting away. A nice walk, listening to my iPod and sitting by the koi pond, I managed to get through some letters and emails on my phone. I guess work just wouldn't leave me behind.

For those keen to visit the place, yes, the entrance prize was rather steep at RM15. Apparently they charged more for foreigners. If you think that was expensive, they charged RM4 for a bottle of mineral water! Since it was a workday, there were hardly anyone else. The park is opened from the morning until 7pm. By the time I left just after 6, there were insects and mosquitoes. If you don't like insects, repellents may be a good idea. Another thing I noted was, the number of lover's birds, the small colourful ones featured on the slideshow was smaller than last year. I remembered heaps of them circling around looking for feeds. There weren't that many anymore. The usual attractions, owls, hornbills  and hawks were still plentiful. I am sure there will be more people during weekends, so if you are planning on snapping, maybe a weekday is better.