Day Out at Pavilion

The cherry blossom tree outside Pavilion.I had to do the morning round today and by the time I got back home, the boys were keen to go out again. They both spent the morning doing arts and crafts. The whole of my working table was smeared with paint. Luckily there were water-soluble. Cleaning up was not a problem. To be honest, I was not really that keen to go out since I went to bed pretty late after watching the football match. Yes! Rooney bagged four goals against Hull last night and at least for a few days, we were top of the league again .... the place where we were meant to be ..... sweet!

Swans everywhere!At the main entrance coming in from Bukit BintangCute fake waterlilliesThe main lobby was completely transformedIt's Pavilion today. Idlan wanted some miso. Yo! Sushi it was. The place was kinda crowded when we got there. We had to wait for a table, which got Idlan a bit worked up. After lunch, we explored the Chinese New Year decor at the main lobby. The lobby was rightly transformed. It was very nice indeed. However, the main attraction I must say was the fake cherry blossom tree lining the walkway outside the building. They were simply stunning. I was sure it will look even more gorgeous at night with the lighting and all. I must take Puan Anita out one of these nights, just the two of us.

Irfan exploring the flowersI have uploaded a slideshow of the outing here for you guys to have a look at.

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