Daun Pisang, Haircut and Chinoz

I really needed the snooze last night. Felt much better after waking up his morning. First order of business is to visit my Dad-in-law. Make sure everything was going according to plan. Got there before 11 with Puan Anita and her mum. My Dad-in-law was pretty bored after 3 days in hospital. Hopefully after the colonoscopy tomorrow, he will be allowed home.

For lunch, we just went across to Raju's at Jalan Gasing for a spot of 'Nasi Daun Pisang'. I was quite surprised actually at much they charged. I had to pay RM90 for the three of us! That's pretty steep considering we did not really went overboard with our order. Looking at the receipt in the end, they charged quite a lot for the drinks and side orders. The mains were pretty OK. Better watch out next time!

Nope. We decided against getting the Stormtrooper cut for Idlan.Tried this 'Mango Fizz'. Too much lime!Irfan and his hot chocolateI do like some salad from time to time!After dropping my Mum-in-law, I took Idlan for his haircut. He will be back to school on Tuesday, with Irfan joining him this year. For the last couple of years, Idlan has always gone to the same shop for his haircut, and it is at KLCC. He won't go to the mamak like his Dad sadly. We then went to Chinoz for tea. The boys has always loved their pizza and they munch through them in record time today.

Looking forward for the FA Cup match tonight. It will be against Leeds, and we hate Leeds! Game on!