MPV Hunting

It has been a productive day. We started off by sending the boys to school and then enjoyed breakfast at a kopitiam nearby. The morning passed slowly. Next, we headed to K Klub in Melawati, a social club I was meant to survey. The main office was closed during the weekend. To get more info on the place, we thought we dropped by on a working day instead.

The K Klub poolThe main foyer at the clubBreakfast at the kopitiamAfter a quick chat at the office, we made up our minds. The club offers swimming lessons for kids during weekends, the food outlet was pretty decent - the Chinese restaurant on ye first floor was excellent. Been three a couple of times. The have nice pools, a separate children pool with a life guard. The clubs closes at 10.30 in the evening. They also has facilities for paintball, futsal and tennis. Soon, they will also offer tenpin bowling. All that for around RM2400 for the whole family, good for 2 years.

We then headed for the bank and were already at home by 9.30. Now, that's efficiency! We went out to pick the kids up at around 11.30 and with my parents-in-law we headed straight to PJ to visit Naza World. It was MPV shopping time. I have been interested in Estima for a while, but found that the ones at the showroom have such small legalese for the third row. The next one up was Alphard ad the problem with that was, although there were ample space, it can only seat 7 max with practically no boot space! Unbelievable! The cars we all for reconditioning an the selection they had there were not much. The units will all be sold as it was, majority without additional extras such as GPS or extra LCD screens. There were no sunroof on most of them. And they do not deal with new units. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't that impressed. Not to mention some of the units have cigarette burns on the seats. Puan Anita went to another showroom last week to look at some Alphards and the selection there were more exclusive. We will be heading there during the weekend.

Mum-in-law's new PeugeotIn the meantime, my mum-in-law had a look at the latest Peugeot and put a down-payment form it. It looks like I will change my Kelisa to her current Suzuki Swift - which is not half bad although it was in bad need of a tune-up and service.

After almost an hour and half, the boys got grumpy and we had to find a place for lunch. My mum-in-law suggested PJ Hilton. More on that in the next entry.

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