Pumpkins at Marche

It was Friday evening. My in-laws were in Kelantan due to a family funeral. It was us and the maids at home. So everyone was out. Where to? After some thought, we went out for dinner at Marche, The Curve. Just a quick in and out. Nothing fancy. But we noticed that Marche was transformed for Halloween. There were pumpkins everywhere. Even the famous cow at the front entrance was dressed up with a witch hat.

It seemed that Irfan was not in a good mood. Anita said that his friends in class have been coughing all day in front of him. We were worried that he may be down with a flu. A bit on the grumpy side, but that all changed the moment we stepped into Marche. He noticed all the pumpkins around and convinced us to get him pumpkin soup instead of his usual mushrooms. It was actually quite nice. It was chunks of pumpkin with mild pepper and onions. Next came the pizza, which he preferred as margarita. No pumpkin there. There were also pumpkin juices, pumpkin caramel etc. Puan Anita tried some of those. Never actually caught on. The decors were nice. Reading the pamphlets, there will be Kids Fancy Dress Party for lunchtimes next weekend. Sad news as I will be in Langkawi giving a talk instead.

After dinner, we took a quick stroll towards e-Curve. There were some live band playing but with Irfan being grumpy, we did not hang on for too long. We also noticed that the central foyer at The Curve was taken up by Pantai Hospitals for their Pink Ribbon Campaign - for breast cancer. There were talks and forums scheduled but on the evening, there were just essentially booths and informations given out. Maybe Irfan’s mood will improve.

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