New Case?

Puan Anita had a morning off today and she went to catch Magika with an old schoolmate of hours. Apparently it was so hood, she was harping on it all afternoon. After her return, we headed out to KLCC. I wanted to get a Moleskine pad - the last one ran out of pages, and if you're interested, Kinokuniya was doing 20% discounts for October. I also wanted to browse for a case for my iPhone.

After about 10 minutes at the Machines - an Apple retailer - I went for a case by Mophie with an extra battery. It made the phone slightly bulkier but not by much. Minimal weight increase but double the juice. Unfortunately the case charges but failed to transfer the juice to my phone. I suspected one of the switches was faulty. Will gave to take it back to the shop tomorrow after work I guess.

We had dinner at Harrods. There was a crowd building outside the Philharmonic entrance when we left. They were waiting for the Sheila Majid concert. I'm sure it was a great one. Shame we can't go and see.

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