Sunset Dinner

Oh! No! I think United for beaten. Certainly Villa was playing much better. Can't really complete if we got beat. They were just better in every department. Unfortunately, we did not have ESPN in our rooms. I warned the match at the bar with a colleague from Penang. He was an Arsenal supporters and did not stay for the second half.

We had a nice sunset dinner earlier. By nice, I meant the setting was nice, outdoors by the pool. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the food. The salad was lame, and the rice dishes were basically fish, vegetables and chicken in layer of oil an inch thick. It was supposed to an outdoor barbecue dinner, and the only barbecue on offer was roast lamb. More cholesterol. I gave that a miss.

The company was good though. Spent the time chatting to guests from Australia and a colleague from private practice. I also spent time talking to a Pharmacist from Kelang, Ian. He also have an iPhone, a jailbroken unit. He put me through the paces of the alternative app store, where he could get most of the apps I owned for free. In return, I should him how I utilised my phone. Certainly I was more of an outlier from the way I use it.

U left the bar after Villa scored their second as the in house bags started playing their set. I can't really concentrate on the game by then, being tired did not help. I have another session tomorrow and have to pack early so as not to rush when we check out. The transport will be after lunch, catching a 4 pm. Flight. InsyaAllah, I should reach home by 6. I really need to rest after that as my Dad-in-law will be admitted on Monday for angiogram the next morning. Rays will be Wednesday and I may have to drive to Penang to visit my grandmother. She had been unwell lately and the whole family were concerned. I will be on leave on Thursday and Friday, and then will travel for an overnight stay in PD for another meeting.