Angiogram Day

Today was the day. My Dad-in-law was admitted yesterday as planned for his angiogram today. He was first on the list, and Anita came UMMC with me to be with her Dad.

Alhamdulillah, everything went according to plan. He had his bypass surgery back in 2004 - the reason why I came back to Malaysia. A couple of weekend back, he felt a slight discomfort in his chest and I got him checked out at my Casualty. It turned out that it was an attack of angina.

During angiogram, we found out that one of his grafted blood vessel for his calf was blocked. Since the vessel was a graft, opening it with a balloon may be risky - it may rupture the vessel all together. Prof Wan, the Cardiologist decided to go for a stent instead. It was successfully deployed and my Dad is currently in the ward recuperating. It will likely be another couple of days before he would be discharged. There will be modification to his medications and his lifestyle needed. Well, he is 75 after all.

After the procedure, he needed to lie flat for the rest of the day. He seemed to be coping at the moment - he had his lunch. Anita was in the room as well keeping him company. I was at work, but I think the afternoon will be quiet, so I can hang around as well. For the record, me and the family would like to extend our gratitude not just to Prof Wan, but to my colleague, Dr Zul Hilmi and Houseman Dr Nadia, as well as the staffs of the Cardiology Ward 4U.